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Oleificio Coltivatori Diretti of Guardea


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Our territory: Guardea

A feeling of peace together with the pleasures of the table, the warmth of the good company spiced with recovered flavours, the taste sliding down to your heart setting free the happiness for something lost and recovered. All this in Guardea is condensed in the olive oil of the cooperative oil-mill where you can find taste, quality and taste in the extra-virgin locally made, together with the pleasure to increase the value of tradition and to divulge it. Our oil-mill have the pleasure to offer the top-quality extra-virgin “Dop Umbria Colli Amerini” oil and also the pride of the work of the “Cooperativa Oleificio Coltivatori Diretti di Guardea”. (Guardea farmers oil-mill Cooperative).
Awork started in 1953 by 31 members which today have become 345, ever since attentive to the balance between tradition and innovation. For this reason the enlargement of thr premises and the introduction of new machinery, in the early 90s, have been the right answers to an ever increasing demand of oil and a need for a steady quality.
The quality is guaranteed also by CO.RE.OL, the regional pool of extra-virgin olive oil producers to which the Cooperative is associated. Only satisfying particular physical-chemical and organoleptic parameters, tested by several committees of experts of the pool, our oil can boast the recognition of “OLIO EXTRA VERGINE D'OLIVA DOP UMBRIA della sottozona (subzone) Colli Amerini”.

The Extra-virgin olive oil: our tradition

The “OLIO EXTRA VERGINE DOP UMBRIA della zottozona (subzone) Colli Amerini” has such features as to place it among the best ones of our country due to a combination of climate, soil and olive trees varieties. The temperate and dry climate allows a very slow ripening of the fruit, useful to contain the oil acidity.
The hilly terrain is calcareous, rich in structure and extremely permeable. Among the olive varieties stands out the precious presence of the “MORAIOLO”, in a measure larger than “LECCINO” and “FRANTOIO”. An essential requisite which allows the extra-virgin olive oil of the “Colli Amerini” zone to bear the D. O. P. seal (name of origin protected).
The oil we produce comes exclusively from the fruit the members pick up in their own farms. After the harvest, made at the right point of ripening, the olives arrive at the oil-mill where the transformation happens under the members' attentive look by means of technologically modern machinery, capable to respect the cold crushing phases.
Every process (picking, washing, crushing, scutching, extraction, separation and conservation) is carried out with the greatest care. This makes the extra-virgin oil we produce unique like the land where it comes from. The extra-virgin olive oil “Dop Colli Amerini” is made with the olives coming from the towns which belong to the Colli Amerini subzone.

Our extra-virgin and extra-virgin DOP Umbria Colli Amerini olive oil

Its rich and natural green, its fruity smell with a strong or medium feeling of spicy bitter, and the fragrant and mellow taste which anyway leaves clean your palate, makes it a precious and top quality product.
Colour, taste and flavour together with a low acidity and the presence of antioxidants make our oil a food essential to our health. Its lightness due to a particular composition of fat acids, makes it one of the most unsaturated oils of the Italian production.
It prevents the cardiovascular diseases, facilitates the abatement of the low-density lipoproteins and protects from ageing, Delicious on vegetables, fish, meat and soups, it exalts the taste even of the most simple and delicate dishes.
Every year we produce about 10,000 litres of our oil. And every year we are prouder and prouder of a good and healthy oil, just like the land where it comes from.

  • Oil-mill

    Only office: Via Casavecchia, 23 - 05025 Guardea (TR).

  • Olives origin

    The members' olives picked in the subzone belonging to the Colli Amerini.

  • Picking

    Hand picking and delivery in 24 hours from picking.

  • Manifacturing process

    Cold working completely mechanized.

  • Production

    Extra-Virgin and Extra-Virgin DOP Umbria Colli Amerini olive oil.

  • Organoleptic features

    Pleasant medium fruity, bitter and spicy and with a rich green colour.

  • Recommended use

    At its best, crude on grilled meats and fish, on vegetables salads and soups.
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